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NIBBLE 2009 web 2 pedagogy Chat

Page history last edited by Darren Kuropatwa 10 years, 6 months ago

Archive of chat from What Can I Do Now? web 2.0 pedagogy

NIBBLE Conference

October 9 2009


NB: All comments are in reverse chronological order; read from the bottom up.


cya, Paula
Thanks, folks from the GREAT white north! :-)
@Rob - same Today's Meet room for this afternoon?
Thanks and bye for now.
Thanks and bye for now.
@robcfisher Thanks, I'm out now. But will pop back in sometime this p.m. Thanks for everything guys. Kudos to Darren.
and, as always, thanks for sharing, @dkuropatwa :-)
learned lots...
Thanks for streaming, @RobCFisher
I'm hoping to pop back in part way through Darren's afternoon prezo
nibble conference virden search google ray
yeah, woudl love to see that agenda--am home with flu-ish grandson
thanks Paula
That's why is the "great" white north, Paula.
Check out this ustream Show: http://ustre.am/6RZZ Nibble Design Matters- @dkuropatwa Fri Oct 9th 2:15-3:30 CST #nbl09 plsRT
Darren does great stuff with kids. was lucky enough at BLC to see him, Clarence and then both together. Good stuff happening up North!
Yes, is there an agenda somewhere?
design matters at 2:15-3:30
Good - the K12 Online plug... December won't come soon enough this year!
What else are you broadcasting today? When?
the's'e opportunities ;-)
@Paula - that's a great analogy - we need to capitalize off of there opportunities to teach ethical & responsible use of technology
Same here.
Good now
is it all ok
ok I know why the tape I was recording on ran out and froze the camera
audio back for me, too.
@robcfisher Ok, I have both now. And the audio just kicked up nicely. Thanks!
teach them how to handle it instead of removing all issues. Opportunity to GRO W skills rather than ignore them.
And it's back...
its s@glassbeed Clarence fisher
she equates it to taking a field trip to 7/11 and not removing playboy from the magazine rack just cause kids are walking in. You just
I closed my browser and restarted. Have both now
i started and stopped
@robcfisher Now you're off air.
I had about 5 second of it, then it dropped off
@robcfisher Audio was up for a bit, but not now.
audio now?
can you hear and see now
@robcfisher You there Rob?
I'm working on it
@Paula Thanks for the tip about @beckyfisher73 I'm gonna find her on Twitter as we speak :-)
video is back, no audio
I had to do a browser refresh to get video back.
@Andy If you refresh you might get video.
I've still got no audio or video
@Howard That's why I'm wondering if mike is unplugged. Rob can you please check?
video is still as well
You should send your folks ot @beckyfisher73 to talk filtering. she's been instrumental in opening ours.
Got video back but no audio
@Paula But you can still see video right?
lost Ustream here as well
@robcfisher I still have video. Is your mike out?
Clarence Fisher (@glassbeed) is a fellow Manitoban who has been an advocate for lifting more filters
social networking is more often blocked, but teachers can ask for anything to be unblocked and it usually is. access to youtube ALL the time
can you see ustream now
Lost it as well.
@Paula - that's GREAT for you... and for your students - we really need to move in that direction!
Oh, Oh. uSteam cut out. Hope it's just buffering.
I'm lucky to be in a schl system that chooses to block on request (other than the porn category) rather than indiscriminately blocking all.
@Paula each district (we usually call them divisions) make their own choice on filtering but, generally, we're over-restrictive :-(
depends on the individual school division from none to almost everything
how strict is the filtering in Canada?
Don't know if YouTube is generally available. The techs didn't use to allow it - just teacher tube.
I like Darren's simple explanation of cc.
@Andy Yes, very cool. Kids must have been surprised that an American state was interested in stuff they generated.
Awesome that the work Darren's students have created is being repurposed in this way!!!
dont know we asked, they delivered and hope some people watching today ask later as well
@Howard - did FLBSD lift filters just for the day, or is YouTube always accessible?
@Paula Great. Looks like it's just me.
Ray, I'm not seeing multiple copies of comments
It's okay, though--I can see the chat both places and hear the stream.
yep, and have to refresh to see the messages sometimes, too. . . Today's meet doesn't usually act like this for me.
@Ray I just love the city and it's also available in Street View... but there's always something happening in Montreal!
My son's biggest Beatles fan. Beatles Rockband is a great fab four education.
@robcfisher Really, I'm seeing two every so often. Good to know.
Andy make sure your home early!
Kids building rubrics - powerful...
@Andy What's happening in Montreal?
I'm only getting your info 1x ray
I'm only hitting enter once, honest.
@Ray Yep - wpg's not ready, but strolled around Vancouver, Toronto, & Ottawa - might stroll down Ste. Catherine's in mtl tonight ;-)
you just pull the little yellow person onto the map and it works
Why am I generating multiple copies of comments, I wonder.
I'll be in the winnipeg one on the corner of rte 90 and silver ave
@Andy Pretty cool, have you looked at it yet?
The tools motivate. The incidental learning is important.
Say, Canucks, (sorry, Paula) - did you hear that some Canadian cities just went live in Google Maps Street View a couple of days ago?
@Paula Still having to join each time you comment?
Google Maps can be such a powerful storytelling tool - great way to add multimedia content & details
Lesson learned... but not the hard way
I wish.... p.s word of advice never get your haircut at the mall really I'm 'balder fury' now
yep, I can see chat and talk here.
Oh, you're growing your hair back? ;-) Sorry, I stand corrected...
breakout session 8 people I'm @robcfisher now
@baldfury - how many educators are in the room - is this a breakout preso or a keynote?
@Andy Ah, I was just going to ask about the bells.
With the bell being either the curve or the school bell...
Darren got me thinking about the multiple connotations of 'beyond the bell'
no problem, my first time on the backchannel... man! its hectic
that was Andy....
now I realize we should have had the pres link ready before going today
Thanks for streaming to include me :-) Yep, in the city...
any are you in Wpg
hi Andy! thanks for joining
Thanks, Rob.
Saw that, Andy.
all this will be on slideshare later, just search for dkuropatwa
Uh-oh - not a lot of hands going up here...
Is there a URL with the complete agenda that you could point me to, Rob?
Really? Wonder why.
having trouble with twitterfall right now
Cool, was just talking to Darren about you yesterday. Shared Twitterfall with him. You introduced me to that at BLC.
paula the chat room on ustream is blocked here can you read any I upload here
its an updated blooms I'll get the link later
Yep, it's Paula White-gifted resource teacher in VA-and thanks for the youtube link--just asked for that in the chat on Ustream.
If things are networked and messy then relationships and building them is more important than facts.
Who's taxonomy? Couldn't hear, Rob.
Emergence: Createhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3eIXlJvKNs
Is that you, Paula White?
where are you Paula and what do you teach
I agree, Howard. Teachers shouldn't be put off by the "what ifs." Dive in, do the prep, and watch watch the excitement happen.
having a flashback to BLC in Boston in July--that's where I met Darren!
why do I have to rejoin each time I say something? weird. ..
thanks Paula
It should be worth all the work to make it happen for students!
Audio is great. Video is OK
audio is good in VA!
Very clear audio. Video is OK.
I am okay with sudio now.
ray is the audio and video ok?
Wow, didn't know the kids got passes to Stevie's concert.
giving students voice in new authentic ways
Right, I know these kids have met with lots of celebs--and are celebs in their own right.
me too ray wait till you hear the story that goes with it
Love this one. Big Fleetwood Mac fan.
PS22 Chorus “Landslide”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2p5augniQA
I am back. Have more echo now. Cannot hear what is saying. Multiple echos.
Please go to todaysmeet and join the conversation. We're archiving here todaysmeet.com/nbl09 . #nbl09
is sound ok now for all
the volume should be good now, I had the camera and snowball mic on
Wow, that it wonderful. The volume kicked up beautifully. And I don't have the echo problem Howard does.
Called a fire drill here. Will have to bug out for a while!
hows that for sound
ill check howard
Got my tweet out. We'll see who else joins.
It's showtime http://ustre.am/6DUS
Have volume but there is a 3-5 second delay then repeat of what he is saying. Are there 2 mics on?
ustream link coming
people said hi HOward!
what's the Ustream link?
Yes, I do. As long as Darren speaks a bit louder it should be fine. I really want to hear him.
did i just kill all volume
hows that
Getting a lot of echo back from Darren. Have you got speakers on there?
just got a volume idea
Thanks, Darren. Still pretty low.
Rob's fixing the volume.
working on the volume
You need to do something about volume level for uSteam. Very low.
Any of the ANGELS in the room?
Ah, the familiar sounds of the school PA -- trying to herd the cats!
Right. Will do.
can you I will too
Guys, have you tweeted this out lately?
Right, I see you folks prepping.
hi ray were on in 3 min
Tell Darren his cameo appearance was Oscar-worthy.
Ah, that's it then.
Fort La Bosse is my former division. left there 18 months ago. Now work with Rob, John & Darren at MECY.
Wow, excuse typos please.
Can recall, Howard. But I know you're name came up and we've been following each other on Twitter for a while.
Hi Ray! Have we met? Where you from?
Are you folks broadcasting yet? Not getting anything here.
I think so. Canadian ones may lean to the left, though.
Do 2 robs make a right?
Actually, two Robs right?
Hey, Rob and Howard. How goes it. Break a leg, Rob!
Hi everyone, no snow in Winnipeg! :)
welcome will start at 10:15 in 45 min
Good morning everyone were live at 10:15
testing in prep for this friday
Please feel free to make comments, ask ?'s and discuss what is being said
Welcome to the web 2.0 pedagogy backchannel

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