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NIBBLE 2009 Design Matters Chat

Page history last edited by Darren Kuropatwa 10 years, 6 months ago

Archive of chat from Design Matters!

NIBBLE Conference

October 9 2009


NB: All comments are in reverse chronological order; read from the bottom up.


its all recorded and will be on the syict.pbworks.com wiki
@Rob Yes, is there a recording.
we'll be sharing those links at ISTE anyway, if we get accepted.
@Paula Cool!
@Ray mwpwiste10.wikispaces.com for the model classroom,which turned into the panel at todaysclassroom.wikispaces.com
@Rob - did you record today's sessions or just broadcast them?
@Paula What's the panel topic?
thanks everyone.... thats all folks!
Absolutely applause here, too!
@Ray--it's called ISTE now, and yes, I was there last year. have put in two proposals for ISTE10- panela nd model classroom.
Applause here too, guys.
Thanks, Darren :-) Always inspiring!
my experience with folks who change their name is that I still see them.. but don't often realize right away a diff name- I look at avatars
@Rob Maybe I'm stuck with @raysadad. But I really wanted to get the real name in there.
3 min.....
thanks everyone for coming, even if late thats the beauty of this
@Paula Have you been to NECC. I've not.
@Paula Didn't submit a proposal - that's outta my league ;-) Will certainly take part virtually... hoping to get to BLC10 in person...
ok ray, changing causes issues I think says I still have followers but @baldfury no longer exists and I'm not sure if they find the new @rob
@Andy Yes, I quite like sitting at his feet and learning.
I do, too, Andy--I was also late to the party.
@Rob Thanks. What a hoot. @Paula Yes that was me. @Rob Name change didn't take. I'm still @raysadad
did any of you guys put in a presentation proposal for ISTE2010 for next summer?
We're on slide 125 or 156 - depends on how fast Darren talks ;-) I wish Darren had another hour to inspire us
hey Ray whats your new twitter handle?
@Raysadad. . didn't realize that was you this AM. How are you?
6 minutes left
the youtubes will be embedded on the syict.pbworks.com wiki
@Andy thanks for the link. No cheating here. Wondering how much of his prezo is left. I'm joining late.
@Ray - are you trying to cheat and jump ahead in Darren's prezo? http://tinyurl.com/yz8odoo
@Rob Thanks.
Design Matters - design pedagogy
@Rob What's the name of this session?
thanks Andy
The Story of H http://www.slideshare.net/LubomirP/the-story-of-h-1581468
am i still live video and audio
Back, folks. The sound on this TED talk really rocks.
@Rob - if you're tapes close to running out, just pause the recording - as long as camera's on, it doesn't have to be in record mode...
thanks paula
@Paula - try this link :-) http://doubleoh3point14.blogspot.com/
I might loose video in 2 min let me know if it cacks out
Dr. Bonnie Bassler on how bacteria "talk" http://www.ted.com/talks/view/id/509
ok Paula hold on I'll find out what it was try doubleoh3point14
nor this one: http://teamflj.blogspot.com/
Rob, this link didn't work for me: douleoh3oint14.blogspot.com
Essay Let There Be Stoning http://www.geol.wwu.edu/rjmitch/stoning.pdf
syict.pbworks.comlook here later for all of this archived
syict.pbworks.comall of todays pres is here early next wk
math trailers!
and the students doing a lot of the work
Talk about authentic assessments...
Such a powerful way to track student's contributions :-)
Pre-Cal 40S Slides February 2, 2009 http://www.slideshare.net/dkuropatwa/precal-40s-slides-february-2-2009
yes, on screen 2 at front of screen
Can they see our comments?
about 50 hi Andy. 10 online from elsewhere
Hey folks :-) Bigger crowd this time 'round, eh?
oops wrong post
Please go to todaysmeet and join the conversation. We're archiving here todaysmeet.com/nbl09 . #nbl09
dodging bullets pres
Dodging Bullets in Presentations http://www.slideshare.net/RowanManahan/dodging-bullets-in-presentations
Brain Rules for Presenters http://www.slideshare.net/garr/brain-rules-for-presenters
How NOT to use PowerPoint! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cagxPlVqrtM
How NOT to use PowerPoint! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cagxPlVqrtM
how does it sound
he sent the am one
I have audio and video now
I was on the link Darren Tweeted - different
It's showtime http://ustre.am/6RZZ at the Nibble Conference, and we're live from the Fort La Bosse School Division, Virden, Manitoba. Enjoy.
What is the link. All I get is the recorded sessions
Hi Howard the angels say hi
Still trying to connect
were live hows the audio and video
Hello Virden
Welcome to the design matters session @ dkuropatwa
were live... from Virden Manitoba CAnada!
Hi Charlene from @dkuropatwa
Hey this is really cool!!
CDT in 15 minutes
2:15- what time zone?
Welcome to our afternoon session Design Matters starts @ 2:15 with @dkuropatwa and me on the backchannel

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