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Getting the Word Out

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The Power of Social Media for Your Association

How Teacher Association Presidents can use free online social media tools to create an online interactive networking hub to share information with their constituents, encourage their active participation in their associations, and monitor their online digital footprint. We will also discuss the digital ethics that go hand in hand with maintaining a meaningful online presence.


Contact info:

blog: A Difference

email: darren.kuropatwa {at} gov {dot} mb {dot} ca

twitter: dkuropatwa

slideshare: dkuropatwa

del.icio.us: dkuropatwa

flickr: dkuropatwa

it's the same all across the netiverse ... 


Below you will find the slides and podcast of this presentation. There is also a comprehensive list of links to the resources and tools that were shared including links to the diital artifacts we created while in session. You can use this wiki as an entry point to the tools and techniques that will make it easier for you to reach out to your constituents using social media.




Archive of Live Chat


Tweeted Replies to our question:

"In session w Teacher Society delegates. Pls RT Where are you? How does twitter keep you “in the know?”


Participant Generated Slideshow



Participant Generated Podcast (coming soon)






AP Calculus AB (2007-2008) (One of Darren's Class Blogs)

A Difference



K12 Online Conference


Social Networks


Beyond the 3 Rs

Classroom 2.0




Darren's Student Voices Podcast


Monitor Your Digital Footprints

Google Alerts (web search alerts by email)

Google Reader (monitor RSS feeds)

Google News


TweetScan (twitter alerts by email, "freemium" service)

Search Twitter (twitter search engine)


Learn more about the tools, teaching, and learning ...

The K12 Online Conference


Other Links



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